Will Mourinho’s unique knowledge on Chelsea be key as he crowbars Lampard out of SW6?

Today the papers are suggesting Scolari and Kenyon are playing hardball over Lampard. They want £20million to sell him this year, and if Inter won’t cough up Lampard will either have to sign on their terms, or go for free next year. It’s good to see Chelsea playing hardball and demanding the kind of inflated fee other clubs charge them. The only problem is the timing. If one man isn’t going to fall for the tough talking it’s Mourinho.

Jose knows exactly what is happening with Lampard behind the scenes. He knows the stuff we don’t. The talks that have taken place, whether Lampard has genuine ambitions to play abroad, beyond the paper talk. He also will know what kind of fee Chelsea will genuinely be after, as these talks would have been going on at The Bridge this time last year when Jose was still in place. This makes Jose much more dangerous than your average manager, and sadly I have absolutely no doubt Lampard will sign for Inter before the start of the season…

Mourinho is even quoted in The Mirror this morning stating he is willing to wait until Chelsea crack – even if it is on the final day of the transfer window. “The transfer window is open until August 31 and we need a midfielder,” The Special One roared from Italy, “Lampard is at Chelsea, but I have worked really well with him. I worked with Frank for three-and-a-half years, there is an unforgettable relationship. But in this moment I respect players and their clubs.”