What’s going on with Andriy Shevchenko?

It’s all gone a bit quiet around Sheva lately. With AC Milan splashing out a fortune in wages for Ronaldinho its unlikely they’ll come back in for Sheva, so does that mean he’s destined for another year at The Bridge.

Sampdoria had also shown slight interest in signing Sheva earlier in the summer, but everything seems to have gone quiet in Genoa. In fact their gaffer, Beppe Marotta has said, “Sheva has been suggested, but there’s zero possibility that he will come to us. I just keep thinking of Galliani’s (Milan vice president Adriano) words when he declared that if Shevchenko leaves Chelsea it will only be to wear the red and black shirt.”

So what does this mean for Andriy? He’s surely too proud to spend another year being made a fool of on the bench, no matter how much he’s being paid. However, could he actually become Chelsea’s key striker next year?

At the moment there’s only Anelka, Drogba (bound to leave), Pizarro (hapless) and Sheva as out and out strikers. Unless some major talent comes in, I can see Sheva starting most games.

“Yes, he is a player for Chelsea. If I see him in training and if I believe in him, I will put him on the field,” Scolari has told the press. Hardly gushing praise for the man, but let me know if you think 2008/2009 could finally be Sheva’s season…