Wenger watch: what has Arsene had to say about Chelsea today?

There seems to be only two people voicing opinion about the future of Chelsea right now. First, there’s Peter Kenyon – slithering comments about some rather boring financial matters. Then there’s our old chum Captain Wenger.

While most Arsenal fans are concerned with how they’re going to replace Adebayor and Flamini, Wenger seems only interested in matters of Chelsea. Odd considering its lawn tennis season, and Wenger loves “to watch” (lawn tennis). Yesterday he was chirping about Michael Ballack’s loveliness, today he’s having a go at Big Phil Scolari.

Arsene is unhappy about Chelsea’s timing of announcing him as manager. Apparently it ruined the chances of his beloved France Portugal in Euro 2008. ‘It is difficult to measure, but what is for sure is that it doesn’t give something to the team, it only takes it away,’ said Wenger to an Independent journalist who had taken time out of gorging himself on Swiss chocolate for long enough to chat with Arsene. ‘It doesn’t help,’ he continued before deciding to moan about Spurs for a bit too. ‘We had that situation with Jacques Santini joining Tottenham at Euro 2004. The speculation was there. Then it starts, “Who will be the next manager?” in the newspapers. And when it starts in the newspapers it starts in the players’ camp.’

That said Wenger apparently loves the new Chelsea gaffer. ‘I like Scolari as a person and as a coach. He can bring something to the Premier League. You never know what will happen, but he is a quality man and manager.’ He even had the courtesy to tell the world what kind of football Chelsea will be playing next season. ‘The system he plays looks similar to the 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 system that Chelsea play. Whether it is down to the fact that they have similar strikers, I don’t know. There will be a change, because every manager brings his own personality and he will buy players, but the system won’t change.’

Thanks for the info Arsene. Got anything to say about Arsenal? No?