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Mourinho uses question about squad safety prior to Israel #ucl trip to have a pop at former player

Without meaning to sound blunt, Jose Mourinho has carried himself like an absolute baby this season.

Whilst the last few months have undoubtedly been the worst of his management career, rather than ride the various storms that have come his way, the Portuguese former Real Madrid manager has blamed everyone and anyone for his own short comings.

Here’s another embarrassing moment to add to his ugly season scrapbook.

Ahead of his sides Champions League clash with Maccabi Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Mourinho was questioned in a pre-match press conference concerning the security of the trip in the wake of the Home Office warning of a ‘high threat’ of terrorism.

Seeing the questioning as nothing more than an opportunity to get one over a detractor, the Chelsea boss responded with;
‘Leave security questions to people who know more than we do, and people who can do things we can’t do.

‘We just focus on playing. I didn’t have a single problem within the squad. I didn’t have a Graeme le Saux.

‘everybody without fears, just wanting to come. I had even a player who, maybe, whose wife is going to have a baby either tomorrow or the next day but he’s here, focusing on what he can do for us.

‘So we’re here focusing on getting a result. We need that for our happiness, our pride, and the people who support us.’

The comment ‘I didn’t have a Graeme le Saux’ refers to fact that the former England international was one of six who refused to travel to Israel the last time the club had a European tie in the country back in 2001 in the wake of 9/11.

A blatant dig aggravated by the fact Le Saux was in vocal opposition to the treatment of Eva Carneiro earlier in the season.

What an arse.

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