That QPR sign photoshopped (this will be our last Rangers victory based thread, I promise)

esterday, I suggested we change the message on the slightly ropey QPR sign waved by a lady in a cat hat on Saturday. Foolishly I also asked for your suggestions to what we could change the sign to read. Naturally this unleashed a torrent of abuse from the Spaghetti Hoops fans, but also a few fitting suggestions from you…

Like, “Leyton Orient here we come!” posted by someone called “1-0”, and “We’d forgotten you exsist,” lovingly posted by Tez. Best of the day however was John B’s “I’d rather be watching the F1” which can now be seen in all it’s glory above. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Now, let’s call an end to this QPR bashing (there’s a small matter of a cup semi final to deal with tonight instead). Let’s hold hands, put on our smoking jackets, eat a few lobster tails together, and then bask in the fact that England’s two richest clubs both live in West London.

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