Chelsea ask top sprinter Darren Campbell to teach Andriy Shevchenko how to run

In the old days, if a player couldn’t cut it after a certain period of time, he’d be moved along but that’s not how we do things at Chelsea.

Avram Grant’s very presence at Chelsea began as some kind of weird personal mentor for Shevchenko before Mourinho got the boot and now, according to the Independent, the club have hired Olympic relay gold medallist Darren Campbell teach Shevchenko how to put one foot in front of the other in quick succession.

As you can tell from our earlier attempts to work out what was going on with Sheva here, we’re at a loss to figure out why it’s not working out for him at Chelsea, but Grant seems to believe that we’ll all see the benefits of the time invested in the striker soon enough. The Blues boss told Soccerway:

“Andriy was a very good player and he is still a very good player, even if he is not playing now. I know from my experience there are some periods when players are not at their best, but it doesn’t mean they are finished.
“Some players who are not in the team can come back well. That is what it will be with Andriy. He is a very good player with a good attitude.”
By the New Year the club also hope to have Shevchenko’s personal arse-wiper in place.

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