Meet the WAG who’s making Michael Ballack’s life a living hell…

Your friend and mine Sir Michael of Ballack is having a spot of WAG based bother at Euro 2008. And one of the key footballer’s wives causing Michael such heart ache is blondie here (the ball clutching WAG in the middle of this photo, not the slightly ropey fraulines next to her).

Apparently Germany have had a Sven style WAG ban imposed on them during the tournament. Hence Michael has told Mrs Ballack that she has to stay at home in London while he bravely battles it out for his nation. All fine. Until blondie shows up. The WAG in question is Sarah Brandner wife of Bastian Schweinsteiger. She’s a very close pal (and bowling partner) of Mrs Ballack, and when she decided to come to the tournament despite the ban, Mrs B was always going to find out.

As Sarah and a host of other German WAGs disregarded the ban, it quite obviously left Mrs B wondering why the hell she hasn’t been allowed to come. It seems only Ballack and Torsten Frings have actually managed to abide to the banning order! Cue a bit of a barny in the Germany dressing room…

“Football’s not always harmonious,” Michael said after a ruck with his team mates. “The voices in the team have got louder.” Eek.…

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Have Chelsea made a fatal error in not appointing Guus Hiddink?

Edam chomping clog wearing Russia coach Guus Hiddink not only has his own brand of pizza, he’s very close mates with Roman Abramovich. It’s also a well reported fact that Roman pays his wages for Russia, and that he has been asked to take over at Chelsea at very least once in the past.

Perhaps Chelsea should have worked harder to get their man, because as Hiddink works wonders with Russia at Euro 2008, Scolari just seems to be providing quotes on Manchester United’s Ronaldo.

The Dutchman has had an outstanding track record, previously with South Korea and Australia in the past two World Cup campaigns and now with Russia. He wasn’t too shabby with PSV Eindhoven either. At Euro 2008 he’s taken a very average team (who were beaten 3-0 by England!) and transformed them into world beaters. Their football is played the right way and Spain will not be looking forward to meeting them in the semi finals.

This new success combined with Hiddink’s relationship with Abramovich will undoubtedly unnerve Scolari who hasn’t even begun his new job yet. Hiddink, said: “Abramovich has created a massive football academy here (in Russia). But he told me that Russia has not played a significant role in football for 10 years. He asked me if I could give him a helping hand. He was here the other day. He and I talked for a while about a number of things. He stays in the background and he is not pushy with …

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Jealous Arsene Wenger describes Ballack’s Euro 2008 as perfect…

With the superb Flamini seemingly leaving Dubaibury for any major club who’ll take him, Arsenal fans would probably kill to get their mitts on a world class creative midfielder like Chelsea and Germany’s Michael Ballack. For me, he’s been the player of Euro 2008 so far, and surprisingly Arsenal’s “voyeur” agrees.

‘You can’t fault Ballack at this tournament,’ haw-he-hawed the Frenchie to Sun journalists over a baguette, some fromage, and perchance a splash of vino. ‘I’m happy for him because he has not always got the respect he deserved in Germany.’ Nice words Arsene. But just enjoy the watching. You can’t have Ballack.

If Lampard leaves for Jose’s Inter, Ballack is going to be the key player in the Scolari regime. I imagine he will become the new vice captain, as well as being the driving force in the midfield. In all seriousness, Scolari should save his pennies and not buy Deco. Ballack and Essien are all Chelsea need in the center of the park. Ballack has proved he’s the far superior player to Deco during these European Championships.

Money could be much better spent on a creative genius ahead of Ballack. Someone like Kaka, Ronaldinho, or Berbatov……

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Wenger watch: what has Arsene had to say about Chelsea today?

There seems to be only two people voicing opinion about the future of Chelsea right now. First, there’s Peter Kenyon – slithering comments about some rather boring financial matters. Then there’s our old chum Captain Wenger.

While most Arsenal fans are concerned with how they’re going to replace Adebayor and Flamini, Wenger seems only interested in matters of Chelsea. Odd considering its lawn tennis season, and Wenger loves “to watch” (lawn tennis). Yesterday he was chirping about Michael Ballack’s loveliness, today he’s having a go at Big Phil Scolari.

Arsene is unhappy about Chelsea’s timing of announcing him as manager. Apparently it ruined the chances of his beloved France Portugal in Euro 2008. ‘It is difficult to measure, but what is for sure is that it doesn’t give something to the team, it only takes it away,’ said Wenger to an Independent journalist who had taken time out of gorging himself on Swiss chocolate for long enough to chat with Arsene. ‘It doesn’t help,’ he continued before deciding to moan about Spurs for a bit too. ‘We had that situation with Jacques Santini joining Tottenham at Euro 2004. The speculation was there. Then it starts, “Who will be the next manager?” in the newspapers. And when it starts in the newspapers it starts in the players’ camp.’

That said Wenger apparently loves the new Chelsea gaffer. ‘I like Scolari as a person and as a coach. He can bring something to the Premier League. You never know what will happen, …

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Will Mourinho’s unique knowledge on Chelsea be key as he crowbars Lampard out of SW6?

Today the papers are suggesting Scolari and Kenyon are playing hardball over Lampard. They want £20million to sell him this year, and if Inter won’t cough up Lampard will either have to sign on their terms, or go for free next year. It’s good to see Chelsea playing hardball and demanding the kind of inflated fee other clubs charge them. The only problem is the timing. If one man isn’t going to fall for the tough talking it’s Mourinho.

Jose knows exactly what is happening with Lampard behind the scenes. He knows the stuff we don’t. The talks that have taken place, whether Lampard has genuine ambitions to play abroad, beyond the paper talk. He also will know what kind of fee Chelsea will genuinely be after, as these talks would have been going on at The Bridge this time last year when Jose was still in place. This makes Jose much more dangerous than your average manager, and sadly I have absolutely no doubt Lampard will sign for Inter before the start of the season…

Mourinho is even quoted in The Mirror this morning stating he is willing to wait until Chelsea crack – even if it is on the final day of the transfer window. “The transfer window is open until August 31 and we need a midfielder,” The Special One roared from Italy, “Lampard is at Chelsea, but I have worked really well with him. I worked with Frank for three-and-a-half years, there is an unforgettable relationship. …

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What’s going on with Andriy Shevchenko?

It’s all gone a bit quiet around Sheva lately. With AC Milan splashing out a fortune in wages for Ronaldinho its unlikely they’ll come back in for Sheva, so does that mean he’s destined for another year at The Bridge.

Sampdoria had also shown slight interest in signing Sheva earlier in the summer, but everything seems to have gone quiet in Genoa. In fact their gaffer, Beppe Marotta has said, “Sheva has been suggested, but there’s zero possibility that he will come to us. I just keep thinking of Galliani’s (Milan vice president Adriano) words when he declared that if Shevchenko leaves Chelsea it will only be to wear the red and black shirt.”

So what does this mean for Andriy? He’s surely too proud to spend another year being made a fool of on the bench, no matter how much he’s being paid. However, could he actually become Chelsea’s key striker next year?

At the moment there’s only Anelka, Drogba (bound to leave), Pizarro (hapless) and Sheva as out and out strikers. Unless some major talent comes in, I can see Sheva starting most games.

“Yes, he is a player for Chelsea. If I see him in training and if I believe in him, I will put him on the field,” Scolari has told the press. Hardly gushing praise for the man, but let me know if you think 2008/2009 could finally be Sheva’s season……

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Eight reasons why July 21 is a MASSIVE day for the Blues…

1) Frenchie side Paris St Germain say they have reached an agreement with The Blues to sign midfielder Claude Makelele. God how the li’l legend will be missed.

2) But Petr Cech has signed a new five-year deal to keep him at Stamford Bridge until 2013! That’s great, great news. The 26-year-old was linked with a £32m move away from the club in May but has now committed his future to the Blues.

3) Brazil striker Robinho has told Real Madrid he is desperate to join Chelsea according to The Sun.

4) But Real are refusing to sell him for less than £120million (that’s according to Sky Sports). Bonkers considering only a week ago they were trying to offload him to Manchester United.

5) Didier Drogba looks to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge after he was left out of the club’s tour to China. (The Daily Mirror with that story)

6) And it sadly looks like Barcelona are preparing a £22m bid for Drogba. (Daily Express there)

7) Meanwhile on the Lampard front, Jose’s Inter are prepared to wait for Lampard’s contract at Chelsea to run out. The Telegraph are saying Mourinho would rather sign him for free next season if Chelsea are playing silly buggers.

8) Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp will let up to seven players leave to finance an £8m move for Chelsea’s extremely loveable midget SWP.…

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